About EnterpriseRecruit 2

Posted On: July 23, 2019 - Category: Uncategorized

At EnterpriseRecruit, we aim to bridge the gap between the different User groups involved in the Recruitment life cycle. EnterpriseRecruit is much beyond the Application Tracking System (ATS) or the Recruitment Management System (RMS). It presents the complete Recruitment Ecosystem that enables collaboration between the User groups for the effective handling and fulfillment of the job requirement with a seamless screening process. It goes beyond the recruitment stages and supports online skills assessment, invoicing and financial tracking.

EnterpriseRecruit is a powerful solution for the HR Consultancy and Corporate to manage the complete recruitment process through a highly efficient and effective environment. This enables you to spend minimal time on the process overheads and enhances productivity in finding the perfect profile match.

EnterpriseRecruit provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience, architected to help your Organization stay tuned to the recruitment process. We understand the value of your time and hence, enabling effective collaboration to speed-up the Recruitment process is our primary goal. Go beyond the traditional way of hiring and experience EnterpriseRecruit to streamline your complete Recruitment process.